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Looks Like There's No Flash On The iPad

January 27, 2010
The rumors are true - the iPad is real. Apple is trying to revolutionize the market, yet again, with a device that fits square between the smart phone and the laptop. The device appears to be a large iPhone and will supposedly give you a greater web browsing experience.  As Steve Jobs demos the device on stage, he rests comfortably in a leather arm chair, and browses the internet to show off just how beautiful it will be.
The large screen does give an immersive browsing experience, yet there was something strangely familiar about the browser. Just like on the iPhone there is no flash. The small blue box of incompetence is displayed in the middle of the iPad as Steve browses a flash enabled site.
Safari on Macs uses flash brilliantly, but because this device is running the iPhone kernel, and using an updated version of mobile safari, there is no flash on the iPad.
Steve Jobs says, “A device in this middle category must be better to browse the web better than a laptop or it will fail.” How can this device be better at browsing the web if it can not even use Adobe’s flash, which is used on so many popular websites. If the iPad is supposed have the best web browsing experience out there, how can it not be flash enabled? I guess we can forget about watching HuLu.

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