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Nintendo President Not Impressed With iPad

January 29, 2010

The jury is still mostly out on the iPad, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has already made up his mind regarding Apple's competing (can we call it that?)  device, and let's just say he is simply not impressed. According to the New York Times, Iwata sees the iPad as nothing special, saying "It was a bigger iPod touch," while also adding it offered "no surprises." This should be expected.  What else is Iwata supposed to say?  That he loves the iPad and hopes it eats away at the sales of his beloved DSi?  Of course not, the only problem I am having with what was said is that Nintendo has employed a similar strategy by releasing a bigger DSi in Japan called the DSi LL, which is merely a DSi with bigger screens.  Pot calling the kettle black much? Apple is calling the iPad a lot of things, and a gaming device is one of them, but at its much higher price and overall different focus, Nintendo's higher-ups shouldn't be too worried. Would you consider purchasing an iPad primarily for gaming?

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