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Review: Jet Car Stunts - Hottest Games of 2009 We Missed

Review: Jet Car Stunts - Hottest Games of 2009 We Missed

January 4, 2010



Jet Car Stunts is a unique take on racing games which combines jets, cars, racing, and platforming. Every track presents a platform layout in the sky with some curvy track to race across, and then large gaps to jet across, and even hoops to jump through. Every race is based on time, and the number of retrys. More often than not you’ll be falling off the course, and not jetting far enough for jumps. Two gameplay modes are included with over 35 different complex courses like you’ve never seen before. Jetcar_hard


Platforming mode and time trial mode are included. Platforming mode gives you five tracks in each of the five difficulties that amp up the difficulty nicely. Time trial mode includes three difficulties with four tracks per plus one bonus track making a total of 36 tracks. Platforming mode gives you a complex track where you have to complete the level with less than 10 retrys. Each course has checkpoints that you retry from once you reach them. Time trial mode is a race against the clock trying to complete five laps as quickly as you can with a checkpoint timer for gold, silver, and bronze at the top. Jetcar_of To control your jet car you tilt to steer, and there are accelerate and brake buttons in the bottom right. The jet engine button and air brake are on the left. Jet fuel is limited, and when in air with the air brake active you tilt the device to adjust the tilt of your jet car. There are also six options to customize the button layout. OpenFeint is included for online high scores and achievements. At the end of each race there is a video playback, and there are multiple camera angles to choose for playback. Jetcar_jet A recent update added three tutorials to get you into the game much easier. there is also a casual mode that gives you unlimited jet fuel, simplified collision geometry, and no leaderboards/achievements.

The Good

Accelerating through the course and flying over jumps is an amazing experience, and especially for the iPhone. You accelerate down the course never knowing what’s coming next going as fast as you can without flying off the traditional track. Then you will come to varying gaps where you need to fly large distances, sometime through hoops, and be able to be straight enough to land on the next platform. Jetcar_hoop Every level gives you a unique challenge, as does each gameplay mode. Some courses require making giant leaps while on others you are driving practically straight upwards with each level racing against the clock, and trying not to fall off the course. Unlike most games this one is a tight gripping, brow sweating, stunt filled marathon that you’ll enjoy every minute of being so frustrated. The game is just so much fun, and has the odd ability to keep you coming back over and over despite losing so often. You'll fall off tons of times, but you'll always want one more go to do it right. Every jump requires different timing of igniting jet fuel, and how long you engage it. Flying through the air in this game requires more strategy than most flying games. Jet Car Stunts is one of the best looking games on the platform with everything rendered in 3D. The platforms are composed of varying shaped colored cubes that are quite spectacular for as simple as they could be. The jet car itself is nicely designed, and a real standout is the beautiful landscapes below the course. Jetcar_drift A really nice aspect is the shadow effects of the car, and the varying placed cubes. Also different tracks have different stages of the sun changing the lighting. It’s just amazing the amount of little details included that may be missed by some users. The car hurtles across the track nearly seamlessly whether it was on my 3GS or 1st gen iPhone though an edge to the 3GS). The jet car handles extremely well throughout the game. When you’re actually driving this is the smoothest I’ve experienced of any driving game where the car melds with your tilting, and acceleration and brakes. When in the air you feel completely in control to tilt the car with the air brake, and make a proper landing on the next platform. The drifting mechanic is also the best of any racing game as it’s so easy to engage, maintain, and feel in control of. Jetcar_flying For $1.99 you get tons and tons to do. Just simply going through one of the two gameplay modes makes this game easily worth it, and then you get two whole gameplay modes packed with content. If that wasn’t enough, OpenFeint was thrown in for good measure with tons of achievements, and online highs scores for each track. The car sound effects are spot on and responsive. If you’re just accelerating or braking the engine sounds appropriate. then there is the jet blast as you fly across gaps. Jetcar_finish

The Bad

This game is executed extremely well. The only potential concern is the sheer difficulty of the game. The levels are difficult, but that makes this game so great as they’re not impossible. Every level can be conquered, and the difficulty adds to the intrinsic reward when completed. Also it could be said that it's just playing over and over until you memorize the course. That could be, though I never felt that.

The Verdict

Jet Car Stuns is one experience everyone iDevice owner should have. The game is a masterpiece on any platform, and magnified on the iPhone. Everything is well designed from the production values and controls to the most important aspect the gameplay. Jet Car Stunts is amazingly only $1.99, and is an absolute must, and one of the five best games in the App Store.

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