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Rumor: Bing To Become iPhone's Default Search Engine

January 20, 2010


If BusinessWeek is right on this one, we might be witnessing soon the next stage of the "Apple vs Microsoft" to "Apple vs Google" paradigm shift. Indeed, according to people "familiar with the matter who asked not to be named" (classical), Apple would be in talks with Microsoft to replace Google by Bing as the iPhone's default search engine. It's rumored not to be exclusive and users would still have the possibility to select Google if it suits them more. On the other hand we all know that users tend to usually stick with what they get.

It would make sense, in the mobile market at least, Apple's real rival is Google and its Android, not really Microsoft. Furthermore Apple hasn't been reluctant to collaborate with Microsoft in the past, think of the iPhone's Exchange support.

While I don't think we should get concerned that our iPhone will get stripped of Youtube or Gmail any time soon, the Apple-Google battle is definitely heating up.

Would you mind using Bing?

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