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Sneak Peek: Assassin's Creed 2 Discovery

January 20, 2010


Ubisoft has taken over the reins of the Assassin's Creed iPhone franchise from Gameloft with the sequel Assassin's Creed 2 Discovery. The game is just like the DS version, but specifically made for the iPhone. AC2 is a 2D side scrolling action adventure rather than the 3D movement of the original. You play as Ezio with numerous missions beginning in Italy, moving on to Spain, and across Europe, all in the 15th century. AC_Discovery_iphone_09 There's no question that Altair's Chronicles was a great achievement when it was released, but after 9 months the quality of iPhone games has changed greatly. The bar has been raised, and Ubisoft is redesigning every aspect of the game for AC2. The original game felt more like a hack and slash, rather than the true essence of being an Assassin. AC2 on the other hand gives you true feel of being stealth, and assassinating people. Sneak up behind, and use the retractable blade which when used goes to varying cut scenes as you kill guards. Also included are hay stacks, barrels, and other items that you can hide in as a guards pass. AC_Discovery_iphone_10 The game only allows movement in 2D space, but the backgrounds have a seemingly 3D quality, and overall it's really nicely designed for the iPhone, and a definite upgrade over the original. At first you may think that 2D movement loses the greatness of the console version which is great because of the expansive 3D landscapes. The 2D movement makes the game brand new as there is more action, but still maintains the slow stealth parts of the game. Everything included help make it more of the assassin feel than just another 2D side scrolling game. As you approach enemies they have indicators to show where they are, and what way they're facing. There is also a neat feature where you can pull guards off building by their feet if they're too close to the edge. AC_Discovery_iphone_11 As any Assassin's Creed player would know it's more than just about stealth killings. Sometimes you come upon enemies where you need to fight them head the head. The combat system is well done with combos, as well as counters that are all nicely intertwined. Also there are instances where you need to escape as you're being chased. Running and jumping across buildings, as well as climbing up the sides of walls are all easy to do. It truly is a quality that is necessary for an Assassin's Creed game on any platform. You can really race through the city with smooth controls, the character runs extremely quick, and a very responsive engine. AC_Discovery_iphone_07 The included storyline is extremely deluxe, and one stand out feature is that there is voice acting which is lacking in many other big name games, notably Grand Theft Auto. The game has plenty of content, as an example I've made it through Chapter 3, and I'm only 7% of the game is completed. The controls are straight forward with a left/right slider in the bottom right, and three action buttons in the bottom left. Since you only move in 2D space you only need a slider rather than a virtual stick. The action buttons include stealth mode, jump, and attack. Another added feature is that the are achievements and stats as well as a few unlockables. The game is scheduled for release February 1st, and will be $9.99 so stay tuned to AppAdvice for a full review. Be sure to check out our interview with Ben Mattes, the Producer of the game.

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