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Sneak Peek: Cogs - Could Be The Best Puzzle Game Yet?

January 15, 2010


Cogs is an upcoming intricately designed puzzle game that is recognizable for some as a PC game. Lazy8 Studio's has decided to port the game to the iPhone, and it's being published by Chillingo. Cogs_chime Cogs is a combination of sliding piece puzzles with Geared and Pipe Mania. You know those little games where you slide the numbered tiles 1-15 to put them in order. Geared is a game where you insert gears to make connections from one end to the other, and Pipe Mania is inserting pipes to transfer liquid from one end to the other. Cogs gives you all of this at once in one of the nicest looking games I've had on my iPhone. There are 50 levels of sliding gears, pipe pieces, or both to have the mechanic work, and complete the contraption. In every level you're working on the pieces that make items work like a jack in the box, filling a balloon, chiming of a clock, and even making an object fly. Cogs_both In some levels you're moving gears slowly, but surely, so they are all touching, and able to turn each other. On other levels you need to assemble pipes so the gas can get from one end to the other. Then there are levels in 3D which are amazing where you move gears and pipes around a cube to make everything work, and you spin the cube using two fingers. The game looks to be a full port of everything in the PC game, with all levels and polish. Playing the preview build, I have to say this game is extremely challenging, but fun at the same time. The game is a masterpiece visually as well with the actual gameplay, and even the menus and transition screens. Every level feels like you're working on the inner workings of a clock, or similar type of object. This game has the potential to be great, but we will wait and see until we review the full version. Cogs_jack There are three gameplay modes with inventor mode the main part of the game with each level scored based on puzzle sloved, time taken, and number of moves. There are two challenge modes where you need to complete the same puzzles in a certain time, or a certain number of moves. It is also shipping with Crystal, which is Chillingo's own social platforming network to compete with OpenFeint and Plus+. Cogs is expected to be sent to Apple late January to early February. The game is planned to be priced at $0.99 to buy the game with 11 levels, and then each ten additional puzzles will cost $0.99 as in-app purchases. Stay tuned to appadvice for all the details about when it's released, and our in-depth review. See our gallery of screenshots below. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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