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The iPhone Has The Most Accurate Touch Screen : Demonstration

January 10, 2010


With all those touch screens everywhere, you probably noticed how they don't feel all the same. An inaccurate touch screen on an ATM or Airport check-in counter might be a simple annoyance, but if your smart phone can't figure out where your finger is, it'll make your life hell.

MOTO Development Labs has a fairly straight-forward way for anybody wanting to test a touch screen's accuracy. Simply draw a couple of steady lines across your screen on any drawing application, and the more it deviates, the worse your touch screen is.

They tested it out on a couple of recently released smart phones, and our beloved iPhone's touch screen is top of the line, check it out:

It's unclear whether those are hardware or software issues, but isn't it shocking how poor the Droid's screen is? [via Moto Labs]

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