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Yelp v4.0 Allows You To Be More Social With The Addition Of Check-Ins

January 16, 2010


Yelp v4.0 is now available, which is intended to help make all of you already overly social iPhone users even more social with a new check-in feature. yelp4_screen1Check-ins are a way for you to share your current location with your friends.  When you arrive at your favorite restaurant, night club, bar, or what have you, you can announce it to your friends via Yelp and they will receive a push notification if enabled.  If they aren't enabled, recent friend check-ins can be accessed via the new check-ins tab or viewed via the Monocle, or as I like to call it, the augmented reality view. Frequent check-in users will also be rewarded for their dedication to a venue with a badge.  You will receive a "Regular" badge for a specific venue if you visit it, and use the check-in feature of course, twice in a 60 day span. Check-ins are being touted as the most important part of the update, but the app also received a Facebook app-like facelift, with large icons populating the home screen, Facebook and Twitter integration for you to share your quick tips and check-ins, the ability to finally view your own profile, and the ability to find new Yelp friends by allowing the app to access your address book or Facebook contacts.

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