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An iPad-Optimized Version Of Panelfly's Comic Book App Will Be Available At Launch

February 5, 2010

Panelfly's iPhone comic book app sports a "patent pending narrative navigation engine," or as we like to call it, a really solid UI that gives users a great comic book experience on such a small screen.  That's just it though, the iPhone and iPod touch have small screens and there is little more that can be done to make the comic book viewing experience any better on them, which is why the team at Panelfly is so excited for the iPad. Panelfly for the iPad won't just be a bigger version of the iPhone app, it will be an optimized version that will take full advantage of the device's added screen real estate to provide their large user base with a whole new way of interacting with the content.  According to Gizmodo, the company is exploring other means of content distribution for the iPad app outside of the current in-app purchase model, such as a subscription service. Speaking of in-app purchases, the Panelfly experience will be synchronized across all devices.  For example, if you purchased a comic via Panelfly's iPhone app, that same comic will be available on the iPad version and vice versa. The iPad-optimized version of Panelfly should be available in the App Store by the time the first Wi-Fi iPad is launched in late March.  Get ready avid comic book readers, things could get interesting.

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