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Apple Pushes The App Over 3G Download Limit To 20MB, Prepares For The iPad?

February 18, 2010

Most likely in preparation for the iPad launch, Apple has just raised the maximum size of apps that can be download over 3G to 20MB.

Until now, the iPhone required a Wi-Fi connection to download apps bigger than 10mb, probably to preserve wireless carriers. While this might seem like not much of a change, it actually plays a much bigger role than you think. Many developers told us it is essential for them to have their apps available over 3G, indeed, most apps are actually bought on the move.

The arrival of the iPad has however created a serious supplementary dilemma. The higher resolution of the iPad asks for better graphics which take a lot of space.  Developers were left wondering whether to keep their apps under 10mb and available everywhere, or give them better graphics but lose the 3G sales.

Well, it seems like we'll be having both in the end.

Nice move Apple!

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