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Associated Press Is Prepping An iPad App

February 27, 2010

Associated Press, one of the world's most important news provider, announced yesterday on its site the launch of a new initiative focusing on mobile platforms. Named "AP Gateway" the division's first move will be the development and launch of an iPad application.

Their app, which might be available for free at first, will most likely become a subscription-based platform that will turn your iPad into what could be a very powerful news reader:

Much like the AP Mobile news product, the iPad app will show custom packages of headlines, stories, photos and video from the AP and from newspapers and broadcasters that choose to contribute their content and share the revenue. AP members also could use the same system to offer their own iPad apps that show their own content.

This is good news, AP is a major player in the news business and their interest in the iPad will push a lot of media outlets to go in the same direction. Making the iPad the ultimate content platform Apple wants it to be.

[via Macrumors]

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