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Games To Download For Free Today: Lion Pride, Mouse About, Car Mania, And Jelly Invaders

February 5, 2010

We have a whole bunch of quality free games today for you to download for your iPhone or iPod touch, so let's get right to it. Lion Pride ($.99 -> Free): Free today only (2/5/10) as part of OpenFeint's free game a day promotion. Lion Pride is a line drawing game that will have you stalking and taking down prey in order to feed your lion cubs. You will be required to strategically position multiple lions to take down bigger prey, and also defend your cubs from the hyenas that lurk at night. The game features 16 levels, and achievements and leader boards via OpenFeint. Mouse About ($.99 -> Free): Free today only (2/5/10) as part of's promotion.  A simple touch-based puzzle game that will have you guiding Marv the mouse from one piece of food to another before time expires.  The trick, however, is that Marv can only move in a straight line and will run off of the screen if he doesn't reach food or an object to impede his movement, which is where the puzzle part comes in.  The game features randomly generated levels that get progressively more difficult and local leader boards. Car mania ($.99 -> Free): A line drawing game that will have you controlling multiple vehicles in an attempt to get them parked in their corresponding garages without causing too much road rage.  The game features a variety of vehicles that operate at different speeds, multiple map layouts, and leader boards and achievements via OpenFeint.  Car Mania will be free through the weekend. Jelly Invaders: A brand new game from the creators of Sky Force Reloaded and iQuarium that will be free for a limited time.  In the game you must shoot all of the jelly invaders by dragging your character from side to side and tapping to shoot.  The jelly invaders can only be destroyed with the corresponding jelly blast color, which is indicated by the color of your character.  You can also plan your shots ahead via the indicator on the top-left corner of the screen.  The game features infinite waves and OpenFeint connectivity so you can share your scores.

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