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GT Racing: Motor Academy Speeds Into The App Store

February 8, 2010

Gameloft's racing simulation game, GT Racing: Motor Academy, has finally landed in the App Store.  Now the only question is, do you have enough space left on your iPhone or iPod touch for yet another racing game? GT Racing: Motor Academy is meant to compete with the likes of Firemint's Real Racing, the only other self-proclaimed simulation racing game in the App Store. The game features a massive Career mode that will start you off by teaching you the driving basics and then sending you all around the world to compete on 14 different tracks. By winning races you will earn money to buy new cars and equipment, which will allow you to compete with only the best. GT Racing: Motor Academy also features an Arcade mode so you can go back and race on any of your previously unlocked tracks, three different control schemes including accelerometer controls, the ability to view and upload replays to YouTube, online multiplayer, some of the best graphics you will see in a racing game (albeit with a bit of pop-in), and over 100 licensed cars from 24 manufacturers. If you are a fan of simulation racing games, GT Racing: Motor Academy is worth your time to check out. Just delete one of those many arcade racers that you have been clinging on to over the past few months. GT Racing: Motor Academy is now available for $6.99. [Thanks to Isaac for the tip!]

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