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How Much Data Do You Use/Need?

February 14, 2010

Data consumption hasn't been much of a concern to most iPhone users so far, indeed, most of the US iPhone plans are unlimited. Europeans, on the other hand, have been living in a quite different situation. Many European providers cap data plans at around 1GB on average and unlimited plans are way more expensive if even present, this difference is actually almost something of a cliché.

Anyway, with the launch of the iPad and AT&T's 250MB for $15/month deal, everybody started wondering, will it be enough? Well, if you were to use it just like your iPhone, it should be for most of you.

Indeed, according to a research conducted for Consumer Reports by Validas, despite of the fact that iPhone users consume the most data on average, or about 273MB per month compared to 150MB for other SmartPhone users, most of you consume less than 250MB.

Only 12% of iPhone users actually consumes over 500MB of data every month and 4% goes over a GB, a number that fits well AT&T's CEO estimates of 5% of "iPhone Data hogs"

So unless you're planning to stream video over 3G on your iPad, you should be just fine.

[via Consumer Reports]

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