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iLoader Batch Uploads Your iPhone Pictures/Videos To Facebook, Come Win A Copy

February 3, 2010

The popularity of the iPhone as a point-and-shoot camera goes well in hand with our Facebook exhibitionism.

If you're a Facebook picture-uploading freak however, the native facebook app isn't very handy. Well, iLoader, which was featured on the App Store this week, will help you with that by allowing you to batch upload your pictures to Facebook.

You can select a bunch of pictures at once, caption them or not, tag your friends and upload it all at once. It even lets you prepare your upload binge offline and launch it later on. For those of you with a 3GS, it does the exact same thing with your videos. Did I mention it lets you edit them too?

Anyway, here is a walkthrough:

iLoader's developer has also graciously provided us with 9 promocodes for you devoted readers. So you know the drill, leave a comment or retweet the post (for example with the big green button below) and we’ll pick some of you at random to get a code.

You have until noon tomorrow, good luck!

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