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iPad Keynote To Support External Display Presentations?

February 23, 2010

While going through Apple's latest update of the "What's new in iPhone OS" memo, we came across an interesting new feature which could make the iPad a particularly powerful presentation tool.

Indeed, iPhone OS 3.2 introduces the possibility for apps to support external displays:

An iPad can be connected to an external display through a set of supported cables. When connected, the associated screen can be used by the application to display content.

Furthermore, Apple's iPad Keynote app has a slide show mode packed with some nice presenting tools, one of which is a fake laser pointer. You can see it on Slashgear's hands-on at the 4:30 mark:

Apple's rep doesn't demonstrate it, but you can clearly see it. Is there a point for such a feature when showing slides on the iPad's screen? Of course not. When using an external display, however, the presenting tools become very useful.

Our take here is that Apple is keeping this for the launch, what do you think?

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