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Let Your Fingers Groove To The Music In B-Boy Beats

February 15, 2010

Tag Games' hip hop rhythm game, B-Boy Beats, was released into the App Store today.  It's the company's first iPhone title solely as the publisher, teaming up with Oh, My Word developer Mobile Pie. The game is set in New York City in the 1980’s, and you are the lead member of a new break-dance crew looking to gain a little respect. The basic idea of B-Boy Beats is to learn the latest dance moves and use them to battle other crews to claim new turf all across the city. B-Boy Beats is like no other rhythm game available in the App Store today thanks to its break-dancing gameplay, requiring your fingers to act as your feet and hands.  The difficulty, however, is that this new control method kind of goes against the grain, requiring you to keep your fingers on the screen more than off of it, which can be difficult to wrap your brain around at first.  Your fingers also obstruct your view at times, forcing you to watch for the visual indicators on the screen more than you may want to.  Once you get the hang of it though, it's pure rhythm gaming bliss, so you just can't give up right away. The game features 10 break-dance moves to learn, two levels of difficulty with a fully interactive tutorial, 16 tracks from rising underground hip hop stars, seven crews with their own turf to conquer, and OpenFeint integration. If you are looking for a different take on iPhone rhythm gaming, B-Boy Beats is where it's at, and at $2.99, it's also rather affordable. Embedded below is a gameplay demo for B-Boy Beats.

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