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Manage Your Bills In Style With Bills ~ On Your Table

February 2, 2010

About a month ago, PoweryBase called on all of our AppAdvice readers to help test their new bill tracking iPhone and iPod touch app, Bills ~ On your table, to ensure it was bug-free, or at least as bug-free as possible, before it hit the App Store.  Well, it looks like the beta tester's work has finally paid off, as Bills ~ On your table has landed safely in the App Store, and we can only assume, since our AppAdvice readers are the best in the business at sniffing out bugs, it is entirely bug-free.  If not, we know who to blame. Bills ~ On your table is meant to be an easy to use app that is able to store and track all kinds of different bills and expenses that have a specific due date.  The app features an intuitive interface that is extremely easy on the eyes, it's honestly one of the most visually appealing bill management apps available.  You can view all of your important information from the main overview screen, so you won't have to dig through menus to find what's due.  And since the app is push-enabled, you will be reminded of bills that are due even without opening the app.  PoweryBase even provides a free online tool for creating and managing bills for Bills ~ On your table, so you may never actually have to open the app if you don't want to. Bills ~ On your table is also loaded with other features, such as a passcode lock, nine different push sounds, custom pre-alerts, autopay support, payment log, and 170 supported currencies and currency formats. Bills ~ On your table is now available in the App Store for the introductory price of $1.99.

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