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Opera Demos Its iPhone Web Browser, It's Damn Fast & Will Be Submitted To Apple

February 17, 2010

As announced last week, Opera demonstrated yesterday in Barcelona an iPhone version of its mobile web browser, Opera Mini, and it's damn fast.

How fast? Well, about five times faster than your current safari mobile on a 3GS. The trick resides in the way it processes websites.

Safari mobile works exactly like your computer browser, it connects to a website, downloads the page's code then interprets it. Opera Mini does it differently, when you try to access a page, Opera's servers will actually load it themselves, interpret it, and just send you the page all ready to see.

This allows to speed up the process very sensibly and let you interact with the page before it finishes loading.

There are however two main issue with the app, first of all, it doesn't feature multitouch, secondly, well, it's not available and despite the fact that Opera just announced it will be submitted to Apple, we might never see it get accepted.

[via Engadget]

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