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Review: Robot Rampage - Finally Rampage for the iPhone?

February 18, 2010


Robot Rampage is as the name would suggest based upon the classic arcade game Rampage. You play as a robot and your goal is to destroy as much of the city you possibly can from block to block in a 2D side scrolling endless game. You stomp, punch, and shoot a laser at buildings leveling entire city blocks as you go.


There is just one gameplay mode of endless action trying to make it as far as you can. As you progress destroying every building in a block the military will show up from time to time with increasing numbers of ground soldiers, tanks, helicopters, bomb dropping planes, and even huge missiles. OpenFeint is included providing online high scores for rampaged blocks as well as 10 deluxe achievements. The controls are straight forward and simple. Just tap once to walk to that point, tap and hold to fire your laser, and drag around. Then just simply tap on the robot's feet to stomp, and tap on the robot’s left or right side to punch in that direction. As you pile up damage you increase your atomic meter, and once full you tap and hold on the robot to release a blast that levels a whole block at once.

The Good

Robot Rampage brings the essence of rampage to the iPhone, and Origin8 is the first to do so. It’s an action packed side-scroller leveling cities with taps, and fighting off waves of varying military units. It’s like no other experience, by playing as the monster and destroying buildings, and it’s so great that it’s finally in the App Store. It’s a unique experience that anyone can enjoy with simple controls, and plenty of fun to be had. It’s just a little smash here, and smash there with a huge robot as your tool of destruction. The added laser, atomic meter blast, and occasional military to fight off really make it more than just simply pounding buildings. Also having a health meter that deteriorates quickly can keep you on your toes looking for the little military guys. Origin8 is becoming known for high production values, and Robot Rampage doesn’t disappoint. The cityscapes are finely detailed as is the metallic robot. The animations are superb as it looks authentic as buildings collapse including a puff of rubble and dust as they fall. The robot’s laser looks great as it zaps around, and then the buildings visually deteriorate before your eyes with the laser on them. You also fry the soldiers, tanks, and helicopters which are equally nice animations. The backgrounds are animated as well providing a whole other level of smoke billowing, gun fire, and even glimpses of other robot rampages. There is an epic 50s sci fi movie soundtrack in the menus, but it’s not included in the game. Once playing you’re left with the sounds of buildings being destroyed, the whir of the laser, and sounds from the military. The controls work well putting all of the actions just a tap away. The game saves your progress to the exact point you left off, even in the middle of destroying a building. The inclusion of OpenFeint helps replayability for the one casual endless gameplay mode.

The Bad

The game seems too slow to truly be full rampage style. The robot moves at a slow pace, and tapping once to move forward takes away some of the action on your part. The majority of the game is too easy, and you will lose health by not paying enough attention to the military units. Destroying the buildings is extremely easy, and disposing of the military is easy as long as you’re paying attention. The laser can dispatch all of the military, and a stomp or punch makes quick work of the buildings. Another problem is the scale of the game which makes it so the robot is as tall as every building. Rampage is known for climbing up tall buildings, and requiring multiple hits to destroy it. Every building is just one tap away from being destroyed in Robot Rampage, and there are no tall buildings or consequent climbing mechanic. The game is somewhat simplistic with only the ability to punch, stomp, and fire the laser on buildings which meld together from block to block. The variety doesn’t change, and once you’ve played a few times there will never be anything new. It’s an action endless side scrolling casual game with a robot rampage theme, and it depends if you like that simple nature or not.

The Verdict

Robot Rampage is the first iPhone game that brings the Rampage style, and it’s produced well. It’s an experience like no other walking through the streets destroying everything you see with a huge robot. The game does play a little slow, has a small building scale, and is somewhat repetitive. For $1.99 Robot Rampage is definitely worth it, but just know that it’s a simple endless action game with a somewhat watered down rampage style.

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