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The "Overtly Sexual" Apps Ban Impacts 3% Of The App Store (To Date)

February 22, 2010

As we've told you last week, Apple has put in place a strict new policy against "overtly sexual" apps on the App Store. We've seen quite a lot of reports on the matter but we were in the dark so far as to the actual impact of the policy shift. Well, AppShopper has some more data about the removals and apparently, 5000+ apps have indeed been removed up to date. With over 160,000 apps available, this would represent a little more than 3% of the entire App Store, a number which can actually seem low considering the omnipresence of the genre. Lastly, there seems however to still be some sort of grey area around the matter and a couple (more official) apps like Playboy are still remaining at this time. It's quite surprising actually when you look at their latest update description:
More explicit images and articles for the Jan Feb 2010 issue.
Is this a double standard or just a matter of time? Time only will tell. [via Macrumors]

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