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Ubisoft Plans To Release A Separate Top-Down Multiplayer Version Of Assassin's Creed 2

February 3, 2010

Only days after the release of Assassin's Creed 2: Discovery, Ubisoft has revealed that they have another Assassin's Creed 2 game planned for the iPhone and iPod touch, only this one is an entirely different beast. Assassin’s Creed 2: Multiplayer, as it is being called, is an iPhone and iPod touch exclusive game instead of just being a port from another platform.  It will be the first Assassin's Creed game in the series that will allow you to compete against your friends. The game will be a top-down deathmatch-like affair that will feature real-time online multiplayer over Wi-Fi.  It will have you competing against up to three other player-controlled assassins with an ultimate goal of being the last assassin standing.  Assassin's Creed 2: Multiplayer will feature three different Assassin's Creed 2 inspired environments where you will be able to take advantage of your surroundings and blend into the crowd to hide.  It will also feature six different power-ups, 24 achievements with the ability to post them to your Facebook feed, and the ability to send game invites to your friends to have them join your party. That's all Ubisoft has given us so far.  We will supply you with more information as soon as it rolls in.

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