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Check In To Share Your TV Or Movie Viewing With Miso

March 29, 2010

Earning badges and becoming the mayor of your nearby Starbucks has made many of us go location crazy with apps like GoWalla and Foursquare. It's fun to rack up the visitor miles and connect with friends when we're out and about. A new app from developer TweetNGo hopes to take that check in obsession and bring it to our TV and movie viewing with the app Miso. Miso uses the same principles of location based check in services but brings it over to entertainment to share with our friends what we're watching. Simply launch the app, locate the tv program or movie and instantly share with the world. The database of shows is extensive and the app also provides trending tv shows so you can see what's popular at any given moment. And like any other check in services, you can earn badges to show off your extensive viewing habits and your affinity for specific genre of entertainment.

Miso includes its own Twitter like timeline for you to see what other Miso users are watching but you can also integrate your Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare accounts to enable sharing over multiple services. Broadcasting your viewing habits doesn't seem quite as intrusive as letting everyone know your exact whereabouts all times of the day and it can be fun sharing and discovering what your friends are watching. If you're looking to get hooked on another check in service, Miso can do the trick. Miso is free to download and is available now on the App Store.

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