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The Most Deluxe iPad App So Far - The Elements: A Visual Exploration

March 29, 2010

The Elements: A Visual Exploration is a hardback book of The Periodic Table with immense descriptions of each element. The complete hardback book is included as an app with so much detail and information that couldn't be possible as a simple ibook. If you think you've seen the periodic table before, think again. The app opens with the periodic table containing visual rotating representations of all 118 elements. Once you tap on the elements you see a full screen version of the sample that is completely rotatable. Besides the images there is a column of facts and figures with each one tappable to bring up rich details and current information using WolframAlpha. Once you reach the second page of each element you're given various photographed images in high detail with 500 in total across the 118 elements. You can then use as many fingers as you want to spin the object to see it at any angle in a 360 degree view. You can double tap any object to bring it up full screen to really examine the highly detailed objects. You can even see the images in 3D if you have a cheap pair of 3D glasses. Plus some elements have video clips of experiments showing the properties of the elements. That all sounds amazing in terms of multimedia, but the actual book content is probably even better. Theodore Gray's description of every element is phenomenal plus there are interesting stories and fascinating facts. If chem class has left a bad taste in your mouth, or you think the class will be boring check out this version of the periodic table. The Elements: A Visual Exploration is 1.75 GB showing you how much is included, and will be priced at $13.99. When you think the hardback book with no interactive features retails for $29.99, and is currently selling on Amazon for $19.77 that is an exceptional steal of a deal. It will be part of the iPad App Store launch, but the price and images are subject to change.

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