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Discover And Share Nearby Media With Lokast

It's probably an oversimplification to say that social networks have become a way of life. Sharing ideas and personal content has never been easier and the trend will continue to explode as mobile applications make this sharing even more seamless. A new app introduced today at SXSW from developer NearVerse promises to deliver on the experience with its amazingly rich media sharing app Lokast.

Lokast works on the simple premise of creating micro social sharing networks. Users with the app can share personal media like movies, photos and music when in the vicinity of other users. All media shared is personally chosen and can be easily downloaded to others without the need to pair bluetooth, connect cables or create the connection. The app also allows for shared browsing as well enabling other users to view your screen as you surf the internet. It's all done within the app and it's done rather well.

Open up the free app and you'll see the icons at the top representing users nearby that you can instantly connect with. Tapping on one will bring up their shared content and from there, you have immediate access to view and even download the media to your Lokast account. Once you've added that media, you can then share it with others resulting in a very simple way to virally connect content.

Music clips are limited to 30 second previews but the app will provide links so you can download the track from iTunes. NearVerse has also made deals with featured users like indie bands to provide full downloadable tracks to promote up and coming musicians.

The developers mention many simple use cases where this social sharing could work very well. Your choice in music and movies can quickly reflect your personality so meeting new people at parties and making a connection couldn't be any easier. Promoters and bands at concert venues would also be able to distribute music to thousands of fans instantly using Lokast.

As with any social media, success can only be measured in the amount of users willing to participate and begin the sharing. Fortunately, the app is available with no costs.

Start sharing and discovering the media around you. Lokast is free and ready for download now on the App Store.

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Discover And Share Nearby Media With Lokast

Discover And Share Nearby Media With Lokast