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DreamWalk Takes iPhone Users On GPS-Based Treasure Hunts For Real Products

March 1, 2010

DreamWalk is a brand new iPhone app that takes you on GPS-based treasure hunts for real products.  So what's the catch?  Well, there really isn't one as long as you live in a densely populated city in the United States, at least for now since the service just launched. DreamWalk is surprisingly simple service that works a little something like this.  Businesses place prizes on the DreamWalk prize map for any DreamWalk app user to find and collect using the device's GPS.  You can pre-locate prizes via the app's map or you can use DreamWalk's website to scope out the area.  When you find something you are interested in on the map, head to its real world location using your iPhone's GPS.  If you are the first to get there (or one of the first), the prize is yours.  It's that simple. Products consist of everything from food coupons to Nintendo Wiis since any business easily place them on the map via DreamWalk's website.  Prizes can be redeemed in-store, via email, or digital download depending on what they are. Prizes come in three different formats: Instant, Collector Stamp, and Treasure Hunt.  Instant is probably self explanatory, but basically the first person/s to get to the location gets the prize.  Collector Stamp requires you to go to multiple locations to collect multiple letters to form a word and only then do you get your prize.  Finally, Treasure Hunt is like Collector Stamp where you must go to a number of locations but you must follow clues to get to each location. That's pretty much the gist of it.  Business owners who are interested in unique mobile advertising should head straight to DreamWalk's website and get items placed on the map in no time.  And you iPhone users, well, you have it even easier.  Head to the App Store and download DreamWalk for free and start treasure hunting! If you don't see any prizes near you quite yet, just hang in there.  The service is still in its early stages.  There are already some prizes in countries other than the United States, just not that many.

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