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Exclusive: iPad iBooks Features The Gutenberg Project Catalog - 30,000 Free eBooks

March 25, 2010

iBooks' very sweet price points are not the only surprise Apple kept for the iPad launch. Indeed, while we already knew the iPad can read and import eBooks in the ePub format, it probably won't be as necessary as we thought; as the iBookstore already features the Gutenberg Project catalog for free.

If you're not familiar with the Gutenberg Project, it's a free online digital library supported by volunteers. This library already includes over 30,000 free eBooks from the public domain; it is an amazing popular resource.

Well, when checking out Apple's iBookstore, I noticed that Apple has decided to include these directly. I obviously haven't had the chance to count them, but it appears that the entire catalog is available for free download.

This is obviously very good news, making it easier than ever to access a lot of good literature on the cheap.

Check back later as we might have been shown some more…

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