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OmniGraffle To Be Part Of The iPad App Store Grand Opening, But Is $49.99 Too Much To Pay?

March 25, 2010

The Omni Group's Ken Case made it very clear that the company was committed to iPad development with his iPad or Bust! blog post, and today we found out just how serious they are.  OmniGraffle, one of the company's flagship applications, has already been submitted and approved by Apple, and will be available for iPad App Store's grand opening on April 3rd. Case highlighted in his iPad or Bust! blog post that the Omni Group had already started developing iPad-specific versions of OmniGraffle and OmniFocus the very first day the iPad's SDK was available.  The question at the time was, which would come first and when?  That question has now been answered. OmniGraffle is the Omni Group's diagram creating app for Mac OS X.  The app allows you to easily create engaging graphical documents to be used for almost any project; whether you are just making a quick sketch or a massive technical figure, it should do the trick.  Because of its power and need for screen real estate, the app never had a chance of making it to the iPhone, but the iPad was obviously a perfect fit. OmniGraffle, an app normally available for Mac OS X for $99.95, will be hitting the App Store for $49.99.  That price may sound a bit high, but OmniGraffle for the iPad should offer nearly the same experience that the Mac OS X version offers, just with touch controls and a reworked interface.  The feature set seems quite extensive as it offers the same automatic layouts and "Smart guides" as the desktop app, and allows PDF export along with the ability to open your creations on OmniGraffle for Mac.  And just to compare, OmniFocus for iPhone, the Omni Group's only iPhone app, is available for $19.99 and has a stellar four-star rating.

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