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Find Great Food Without Typing A Word! - Yahoo! Sketch To Search

March 25, 2010

The brand new Sketch to Search app from Yahoo! lets you search for restaurants without having to type a single word. Instead of going through the steps of writing out your search you can now find all of your favorite places, or try a new restaurant, quickly and easily. All you do is draw around the area where you want to search on the displayed map and the app will automatically scan for all the registered spots within the shape you drew. Sketch to Search is more convenient than map applications because you can access the same data in simple interface without even knowing exactly where you are. If you search within a highly populated area you will get a bucketload of results which can be confusing.To limit those results you can filter your searches so you only get the type of restaurants you want. The app will even give details, pictures, and directions to every single restaurant. Sketch to Search is in the App Store now for free so there is nothing to lose.

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Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search

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