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Flight Control HD To Hit The iPad On Day 1 - Screenshot Included

March 26, 2010

Great news folks, the very successful and simply amazing iPhone game, Flight Control by Firemint, will be hitting the iPad App Store on day one. It features new games modes, new line drawing techniques and of course, bigger maps.

Basically, it's fairly similar to the iPhone version; you're still a flight controller in an airport and you must land an increasing amount of airplanes by drawing their route on the screen without letting them run into each other.

This HD iPad version, however, comes with a whole bunch of new exciting features. For starters, Flight Control HD puts a major emphasis on its Multiplayer mode by exploiting the extra screen real estate to allow a split-screen Co-Op and Versus mode. This means that you can play with or against another player on the same iPad for even more fun. It doesn't stop there either, as you'll also be able to play against other iPad or iPhone owners over WiFi.

On top of that, it introduces a new drawing mode where you can just draw a partial route and continue it later on. All of this on 8 maps, including all the classics and three new HD ones.

It will go for $4.99 and its success is simply guaranteed.

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