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Funny: Apple Strips The iPad Commercial Soundtrack From Its Titillating Lyrics

March 8, 2010

If like me, you've already jumped on iTunes to download the soundtrack from Apple's first iPad commercial, you probably noticed by now that Apple has done some pretty interesting editing on it.

Indeed, the original song "There goes my love" by Blue Van features some quite self-explanatory explicit lyrics, but they got pulled from the mix. See by yourself (in red what was pulled):

Be, Be the charming type, Take off your clothes and show what they hide, Please, please my naked wrist, With your hands and fingertips And please, baby get on your knees, Don't bare bare bare your teeth, I'll let you try, If you close your eyes, I'll have an answer for your wise.

There goes my love (10x or so)


Get on your knees, Baby get on your knees, I wanna feel feel feel your teeth!

Alright, every song featured in an ad gets remixed for obvious reasons, but isn't quite cheeky that first of all, Apple selected (actually Steve Jobs did) such a twisted song, especially in light of their new conservative approach to the App Store, and secondly, that they just removed the dirty parts?

Anyway, it's a great ad and an even better soundtrack, which just made my day.

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