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New Game Modes Coming To Tilt To Live In April

March 23, 2010

One Man Left's Tilt to Live is a fast-paced avoidance game that features rock solid controls and addictive gameplay. The game has received rave reviews so far, but the one thing that was missing, the one thing that prevented the game from receiving a perfect rating, at least from us, was the lack of game modes. That apparently won't be the case for long. Tilt to Live will be receiving two new game modes on April 24th, which by no coincidence is the game's two month anniversary. The new game modes, Gauntlet and Code Red, will be added via a free update and will both feature new leaderboards and awards to obtain. Code Red is being described as "Classic mode on crack." It will throw you right into the mix from the get go instead of having you endure the dot building up period. It is only intended for you Tilt to Live veterans who want to get to the good stuff as fast as possible. Gauntlet mode will feature entirely new survival gameplay instead of having you compete to achieve the highest score. Instead of dots chasing you, they will work together to form what is being described as a "treadmill course" of smashers, battle axes, windmills and more. Patience and precision will pay off in Gauntlet mode as you try to survive for the longest amount of time possible. A gameplay video for Gauntlet mode can be seen below.

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