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Games To Download For Free Today: Funkyball Worlds And Sniper Strike

March 10, 2010

Get over the hump day blues by downloading these two free games from Handmark and Donoma Games. Funkyball Worlds ($2.99 -> Free): A ball-rolling physics-based platformer 72 levels across three different worlds.  In the game you must guide the weighted Funkyball across stationary and moving platforms as you race against the clock.  Stars can be obtained to improve your time, but you must try to avoid all of the hazards along your way otherwise you will fall off of the map and lose precious seconds. The game features both touch and tilt controls, unlockable Funkyball skins, and OpenFeint integration for online leaderboards and achievements. Funkyball Worlds is available for free today only (3/10/10). Sniper Strike ($1.99 -> Free): An action game where you will be rewarded for your stellar sniper shot.  Sniper Strike features three different game modes that will have you hunting for specific targets or just going on a shooting spree.  Your rifle's aim is controlled by simply touching and dragging across the screen and fired via a button located in the lower right-hand corner.  The five different sniper rifles can be upgraded and modified by obtaining money for your work. The game features detailed hit summary where shots to certain parts of the body will do more damage, six maps, progressive difficulty, and OpenFeint integration. Sniper Strike is available for free today only (3/10/10).

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