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Gamevil's Highly Anticipated Action RPG 'Zenonia 2' Now Available In The App Store

March 29, 2010

Gamevil's original Zenonia turned out to be quite a hit and is still regarded as one of the better action RPGs available for the iPhone and iPod touch, so it comes as no surprise that RPG lovers have been waiting rather impatiently for the sequel.  Well folks, that day has finally arrived as Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories is now available in the App Store. Zenonia 2 expands on the original game in almost every way.  Instead of just supplying a single character like the original, the game features four distinct classes to choose from: the Paladin, Shooter, Magician, and Warrior.  Each character has their own unique traits and abilities with some being more suited for long range attacks while others for melee combat.  Zenonia 2 also gives you the ability to customize your character with what Gamevil claims to be "millions of costume combinations" and thousands of different items. Zenonia 2 should also be accessible to newcomers and old hands alike thanks to its three levels of difficulty.  Those of you daring enough to play on the Hard or Hellish difficulties will be rewarded with unique loot and a hidden boss stage. To add even more depth to the game, Gamevil has provided an asynchronous online multiplayer feature, which means you can download and compete against your friends’ character in a PvP arena. With 98 quests and 152 different maps, Zenonia 2 ($4.99) should more than meet your action RPG needs, especially if you were a fan of the original. If you still aren't sold on the game, or if you are looking for something to talk about with your friends, check out Zenonia 2's preview trailer below.  It will either make you smile or leave you sitting there with a puzzled look on your face, I guarantee it.

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