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Get Naughty With SinSearch

March 12, 2010

If there was ever an app to replicate the night of wild fun from the Hangover, this would be it. SinSearch, from developer LucidOne, is the ultimate directory of all things naughty.

Using geolocation to pinpoint local venues, the app organizes every activity you can think of for an unforgettable night on the town. You'll get listings for adult entertainment, bars, clubs, taxis, casinos and more. It's all presented to you with easy access to phone numbers, maps and the distance from your current location. In case things get out of hand, you can also retrieve the numbers for a good attorney, or bail bondsmen.

SinSearch is organized in a simple and easy manner and is handy if you're looking to plan a memorable night. There are options to save your favorites for easy retrieval and you can share any point of interest through email or even posting them to share on your Facebook wall.  If you ever become in charge of a bachelor or bachelorette party, here is the perfect place to turn.

Being bad has never been so easy.

Pick up SinSearch now for free on the App Store.

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