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How To Open A Free iTunes Account In Any Country Without A Credit Card

March 13, 2010

We tend to get quite a lot of frustrated comments whenever we mention Apps unavailable outside the US or during US-Only giveaways. While I understand your despair (I live outside the US myself), there is a very straightforward solution to the problem; open an US iTunes account.

Many people ignore it, but you can actually officially open an iTunes account in pretty much any store you want without the need for a credit card. Alright, you'll be stuck with free apps only (unless you buy some gift cards on Ebay) but it's a start.

Here is the procedure:

  • 1. Launch iTunes
  • 2. Log out of your account
  • 3. Scroll down the iTunes page and hit the flag on the right
  • 4. Select your country of interest
  • 5. Try to buy a random free app
  • 6. iTunes will ask you for your credentials, hit open a new account
  • 7. Accept the terms
  • 8. Enter a valid email, pick a password and so on. Hit next
  • 9. Select "none" as the payment method. Then fill in the form with some random address in the country you picked (Google maps is your friend)
  • For the US for example, you might want to use Jobs' home address: 432 Santa Rita Ave┬áPalo Alto, CA 94301. Phone number: 818-3039483
  • 10. Finalize & click the validation link in your email
You're all set.

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