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Instapaper Announces A Universal iPad App

March 24, 2010

Good news folks, the very popular web service Instapaper has just announced and presented an iPad app.

If you don't know the concept; it's fairly simple. Whenever you come across something that you like online but don't want to read it right away, Instapaper allows you, thanks to its "Read Later" bookmarklet, to save it for later access.

These bookmarked articles are then made available in an optimized format through their web interface or the Instapaper iPhone app, which can also download these for offline reading. I happen to use this very neat system on a daily basis and this new announcement will definitely make it even more attractive.

Furthermore, Instapaper pro on the iPad will not be released as a new app, but just updated to become universal. This means that you'll just have to buy it once, unless you own it already, and it will work on all of your iDevices. The only difference is that when you'll launch it from your iPad, it will feature an enhanced interface.

Any Instapaper junkies here?

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