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iPad Exclusive: Mirror's Edge Jumps into the iPad App Store

April 1, 2010

Mirror's Edge, the incredibly popular console game has been ported to the iPad just in time for the iPad's launch on April 3rd. You play as Faith Connors, a courier (or as referred to in the game, a 'runner') delivering messages across a city filled with enemies desperate to hunt you down. Mirror's Edge for iPad features 14 iPad-exclusive levels in campaign mode as well as multiplayer maps to challenge your friends.

At $14.99, Mirror's Edge is way above many other games in the app store, but maybe this will set a new standard for pricing instead of the 'race to the bottom' strategy we currently see in all categories of the app store. Mirror's Edge will be available when the iPad launches and will be priced at $14.99. Please note price and screenshots are subject to change.

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