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iPad Exclusive: The First VNC/RDP iPad Apps Hit The iPad App Store

March 31, 2010

As you can imagine, Apple is hard at work right now prepping the App Store for the iPad launch this weekend. After releasing a new iTunes and approving literally hundreds of iPad only apps, Apple has just started populating the iPad App Store with universal applications as well.

As a reminder, universal apps are this special "dual-mode" kind of iPhone applications that you can run on both your iPhone and your iPad, but still have a different interface depending on the device.

Well, the first batch has just made its way to the iPad App Store and it's not disappointing. Indeed, at the top of the iPad Apps Chart, you can now find iTap VNC client ($7.99), as well as iTap RDP client ($11.99); two great apps that allow you to remotely access and control your systems, something everybody has been very hyped about.

You can already download them now on your iPhone, and while they're indeed a little pricey, you might find some comfort in the fact that they will run full-screen (not in 2x mode) on your iPad this weekend.

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