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Not Getting An iPad? Want Just Our iPhone Coverage? We Have A Feed For You

April 1, 2010

Not everyone is getting an iPad, but you still have an iPhone/iPod Touch and want to keep getting our coverage of those devices without all the clutter of the upcoming iPad apps. We understand, and have created a RSS feed just for you. We want you to have the choice. We're hopeful that most people are interested in everything we cover including iPad apps, but can understand if you're not one of them. Maybe you only want to hear about iPad apps, well we cater for all. I introduce: Only iPhone/iPod Touch: Only iPad: All our content: I highly suggest as the iPad may improve in your eyes if you hear about all the neat things developers are doing with the device. Again it's up to you, but we will cover all idevice related apps to the best of our ability. We're growing our coverage, and hope you enjoy.