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iPad Update: Find My iPad, Delayed Accessories, ePub Support, Battery Replacement & More...

March 16, 2010

Along with the launch of the iPad pre-orders, Apple put up quite a lot of new details about the iPad's features last week. The iPad is now actually boasting a  tab of its own on, but the interesting bits are scattered a bit all around. Here is what we found out:

Find my iPad

Just like the iPhone, the iPad can connect to MobileMe and take advantage of the find my iPhone/iPad features. You'll be able to locate it, wipe it remotely, make it show a message or play an alert. You can actually get $30 off your first year of MobileMe if purchased with an iPad.

ePub support through iTunes

This is a very interesting one, the format selected by Apple for the iPad's eBooks is an open-source one called ePub. While you won't be able to export the eBooks bought in the iBook app, the opposite will be possible. Just take any eBook in the ePub format, drag it to iTunes, sync, and voilà! Not only this means that you'll be able to buy your eBooks in other ePub-supporting stores outside of the iPad, but this gives you the possibility to import on your iPad a huge collection of freely available books, like the ones from Google books. (And of course, the Gutenberg Project)


Your iPad can read things like emails or eBooks out loud.

Delayed Accessories

If you haven't pre-ordered your iPad case or your iPad keyboard dock already then you're out of luck. Apple has started updating its delivery times on some of its accessories and the delays are important. The case has just been delayed two weeks to mid-april, and the keyboard dock all the way to May. Some believe this presages some major shortages.

Battery replacement policy

In the unfortunate situation your iPad would need to have its battery replaced, Apple will actually replace your iPad altogether. Out of warranty, the swap will cost you $99 + shipping and taxes.

Youtube Facebook sharing

You can share your favorite Youtube videos to Facebook right from the app.

The App Store to get a dedicated iPad section

Apple is dedicating a separate category in the App Store for iPad-specific apps. Did we miss anything?

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