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Multitasking To Hit iPhone 4.0: Expose-Style

April 1, 2010

We know that Apple will eventually have to allow multitasking for third party apps on iPhone OS. Everybody has been ranting about this for a while now and the iPad lacking it too definitely didn't help.

The problem is however how do you implement this? It's not too much of a technical issue; it's been done on the jailbreak already or on other platforms and the iPhone 3GS is powerfull enough not to get slowed down. I think the real problem for Apple is how they're going to make it look, it's an interface thing.

Well, we're hearing some news today on how Apple is possibly going to go about it. According to Appleinsider, Apple is planning to a feature known to Mac users as "Exposé" for the iPhone 4.0 firmware update.

In short, a double-click on the home button will bring up a screen showing all the apps currently running, and it will let you jump from one to the other; it's as simple as that. Think of it as the command+tab function on an iPhone screen.

How does that sound?

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