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Turn Your iPad Into A Ruleless Deck Of Cards With IsoCards, Available For Free On Launch Day

March 30, 2010

iPhone indie game developer Opetopic has thrown out all of the rules for their upcoming iPad card app titled IsoCards.  Seriously, it doesn't contain any pre-programmed rules, so you are allowed to play any card game your heart desires. IsoCards is a multi-touch and physics-driven deck of cards.  To play a game of digital cards you will be able to just whip out your iPad, fire up IsoCards, add a deck of cards, add a few players, and start dealing.  Cards can be thrown around by tapping and dragging with your finger, and flipped over with a double tap or pinch since all cards are face down by default. The app is intended to be as open as possible, but the developer has included some unique features to make playing a structured game possible. For example, when a player is added to the game, they are given a glass placeholder that is able to collect and organize the cards they receive.  Since everyone is playing on the same device, cards must remain face down in order not to reveal a hand.  If you  want to reveal a hand, however, Opetopic has come up with a very unique solution. If you cup your hand around the top of your cards "poker style," the card faces will be revealed.  When your hand is removed, the cards are instantly flipped face down. You can also show, sort, and remove cards from the table via a button in the middle of each glass placeholder.  IsoCards also features a notepad that you can draw on or type on to keep score. Brandon Williams of Opetopic realizes that although creative, IsoCards may be difficult for some to grasp, so he intends to add a few more features along the way, including built-in card games and the ability to transfer a hand of cards to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth. Seeing as how complete IsoCards is, you would think Opetopic would charge at least something for the app, but that's not the case.  IsoCards will be launching on April 3rd free of charge.

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