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Mariner Software's MacJournal Comes To The iPhone

March 24, 2010

Mariner Software has been hard at work developing apps for the iPad, but in the meantime the company has released an iPhone version of their popular blogging and journaling software, MacJournal, that is meant to give you the ability to jot down your thoughts while on the go. Mariner Software designed MacJournal for the iPhone around the Mac OS X version of the app to give users a familiar look and feel.  In the iPhone app you are able to create basic text-only entries in multiple journals, blog from the app itself to popular severs such as Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, Wordpress, and MobileMe, and type in either portrait or landscape mode. If you don't feel like sharing your journal on the web, you can save your entry and transfer it to your Mac when you are on the same network.  The app also allows you to search or browse entries, and set a passcode to lock down your journal. This is only MacJournal v1.0, and Mariner Software really wants you to be aware of that.  The app in its current form is really only intended to offer simple text-based entry creation and desktop syncing, as well as a way to share your entry on your blog.  You can't take and add photos, and you can't record or add video to your entry in the app.  Images and attachments embedded in entries on the desktop version will not be synced to MacJournal for iPhone either, and entries with styled text will appear as plain text on your iPhone. Mariner Software does intend to offer expanded syncing and text editing support in future versions. If you are a Mac OS X MacJournal nut who would like to do some basic mobile journaling or blogging and would like to have the ability to sync your content to your iPhone, the $4.99 purchase price isn't so bad, especially with the promise of feature additions via updates.  If not, you should probably wait this one out.

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