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Mirror's Edge Scheduled To Launch This Spring, Gameplay Trailer Now Available

March 18, 2010

The last time we spoke about EA's iPhone port of Mirror's Edge was way back in December, and at that time it had a launch window of January 2010.  The developers apparently ran into some issues that pushed its release into the unknown, but now the highly anticipated game has resurfaced with a new gameplay trailer and release window. According to PocketGamer, Mirror's Edge will feature the same story and gameplay that we discussed in December, including all of the side-scrolling wall running, ramp sliding, zipline riding, and leaping from rooftop to rooftop that got us excited in the first place.  What has changed is the game's social aspect. The developers have added the ability to share Speed Run scores via Facebook, so you can easily challenge your friends by uploading your best runs.  Mirror's Edge has also been optimized for the iPhone 3GS, giving users new lighting and reflection effects, faster loading times, and a smoother frame rate. The delay has treated Mirror's Edge well, so your patience will pay off.  You shouldn't have to wait that much longer either, as EA has stated Mirror's Edge for the iPhone and iPod touch will be hitting the App Store this Spring. Check out the new gameplay trailer to witness a 40 second run through a section of a level.

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