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More Threadless T-Shirt Designs Become iPhone Cases

March 8, 2010

Remember in November when the über hip T-shirt company Threadless decided to partner with the popular iPhone accessory maker Griffin to provide iPhone cases with original Threadless designs?  Well, over the last few months Griffin has released multiple new Threadless-inspired cases to go along with their original two, including the recently released Funkalicious and Permafrost Pollution. The promotion really benefits all parties involved.  Griffin gets the opportunity to provide cases that feature awesome artwork by the talented Threadless community.  Those same Threadless artists get added exposure and hopefully boost their T-shirt sales.  And, of course, we get to purchase iPhone cases that match our rad T-shirts.  It's a win-win-win situation. The new cases with their Threadless-inspired T-shirts are: All five T-shirts retail for $18 and all five cases retail for $34.99.

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