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MoviePeg Makes A Smart iPhone Stand

March 18, 2010

If you take advantage of every moment off, every meal or plane ride to watch video on your iPhone, you're probably suffering from some serious wrist strain by now. That is unless you're bothering yourself with a bulky iPhone stand or you're savvy enough to make your own.

Well, Gruber posted today what looks like a nice middle ground. It's called the MoviePeg, aka "the super portable iPhone tilting wonder."

In short, it's a small piece of shaped "recyclable material" that fits your iPhone and will keep it standing at the right angle, in both portrait and landscape mode.

It's fairly cheap (about $10) and while the shipping delay is a joke (3 weeks? Are you kidding me?), it looks like a very convenient solution.

I just ordered mine so I'll get back to you about what it's really worth.


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