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PAC-MAN Chomping His Way On To The iPad In Time For Launch - Plus Screenshots

March 27, 2010

PAC-MAN for iPad as it will be called will be available for download when the iPad App Store launches April 3rd. Namco is bringing the classic arcade game to the iPad, and it will be the full game you remember, but redesigned for the bigger screen real estate. Three gameplay modes will be included providing original, normal, and easy, but other than that it will be the same game of clearing the board of pellets. You will still collect the power pellets to turn the table on the ghosts. You will still try to last as long as you can in the same blue board. The biggest question about Pac-Man on a touch screen device is the control method. Namco will ship the game with an option to use virtual joystick (pictured) or swipe. Only actually playing on the device will show if these methods work on the 9.7" screen. Another question regarding arcade classics is whether or not it will be like a table top bar machines where you can play a friend on the same device with the game rotating the screen automatically on each turn. As it stands multiplayer is not show yet. Pac-Man will be priced at $4.99, and will be available as part of the iPad App Store grand opening. Note the price, and screenshots are subject to change.

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