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Review: Basic Spanish For Dummies

March 11, 2010

The Overview

Do you wish you could learn a new language fast, and without having to take a class? Well lucky for you, there's an app for that. Basic Spanish for Dummies teaches you the essentials of how to speak proper Spanish. You will learn how to use verbs properly, and form simple sentences. It even includes videos for those who need a little more assistance. If you hurry you can own Basic Spanish for Dummies at a sale price of $0.99 going through March, and be on your way of impressing your friends by speaking a new language next time you see them.


Basic Spanish for Dummies functions just like a book. When the main menu pops-up you can choose one of nine options, or simply use the search for a much faster experience. Words/Phrases: This is where you will learn how to read, write, and pronounce greetings, common expressions, numbers, the time, directions and more. Basics: Basics will teach you  about prepositions and conjunctions, adjectives and forming sentences. Basic Spanish for Dummies also comes equipped with flash cards, a couple of videos and an English to Spanish dictionary. It's surprising to say that the pronunciation of each word and sentence was perfectly loud and clear, Which is excellent, because pronunciation is key to learning a new language. The greatest thing about Basic Spanish for Dummies is that it's easy to navigate and everything is well organized.

The Breakdown

The Good:

The best part about Basic Spanish for Dummies is that everything in the app is organized in a fun and professional way. Everything is written, pronounced, and explained perfectly. I can guarantee you will learn something in Spanish you did not know before using the app.

The Bad:

There wasn't really anything bad about Basic Spanish for Dummies. The only thing I could think to say is that  it doesn't teach you everything, because after all, it's just basic Spanish.

The Verdict

Basic Spanish for Dummies was surprisingly good at what it does, which is teaching Spanish. The pronunciation of each word and sentence was perfect. With its built in flashcards, videos, and dictionary this app is worth its price tag. Its professional and fun design will keep bringing you back every time. The detailed explanation of prepositions and conjunctions, adjectives, and verbs makes for a better learning experience. What else can I say? For $0.99 this app can help even the slowest of learners speak Spanish. Hurry and get the app because it will only be this cheap March, in celebration of Dummies month.

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