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Review: Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet - She's Back

March 2, 2010


Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet is a notable game because of a little controversy when it was removed from the App Store with all of the sex apps. Well Daisy Mae is back, and it’s time for the full review. It’s a top down dual stick survival shooter where you play as the voluptuous heroine battling waves of aliens with a desert trailer park, b-movie theme.


The game is composed of just one mode which is survival. Blast away waves of aliens for as long as you can going for the online high score table. Your main weapon is dual wielding machine guns, but there are many to pick up including a rocket launcher, laser blaster, and supped up machine gun. You have three lives to work with, but you can pick up bonus ones from killed enemies. Also included is Daisy’s special ability, taunt, which is the meter silhouette of Daisy at the bottom of the screen which kills all aliens in sight. There are three unlockable costumes based on performance, and you can chose to have grainy film on or off. Three control methods are included, though dual stick works the best as the default.

The Good

Daisy Mae plays similarly to Minigore, but with a sexy chick rather than a little cube fellow. It’s by no means groundbreaking, and just feels like a different graphic style on a game we’ve seen before. It’s fun, but not nearly as engaging, or lasting as similar dual stick shooters. Dual stick shooters are always enjoyable with simple mass killing by just twitching your thumbs. The aliens are always coming at you, and you can choose to run around, and shoot or stay in a well protected area, and just blast in a circle. All of the extra weapons are nice to see and use to really do some damage. The game is designed well from the desert B-movie theme which is incorporated wonderfully to the 3D bizarre aliens. Daisy Mae is obviously excessively physically endowed with huge breasts and buns. Even as she runs here breasts jiggle slightly. When you kill aliens there is a little splatter of blood, and then they disappear. The included soundtrack is an upbeat action theme mixed with a little techno beat fitting more with the space age alien side than the desert trailer park theme. The varying weapon sound effects are as accurate as you would expect though there isn’t much from the dying aliens except for a squeak here and there. The dual stick controls work well as you would expect from using the control style before. The online high score tables for daily and all time add a little invective to replay, and so do the three unlockable costumes. The game automatically saves your progress on exit as well which is always helpful.

The Bad

The game just doesn’t seem to stand out, and just falls into the category of another dual stick shooter. There is nothing memorable, and there is less fun, action, and replayability with Daisy Mae. After playing a few times everything becomes predictable as new aliens come in at certain point plateaus, and you can sit in certain areas to have a tactical advantage. There is a little less action than comparable titles, and it just never has the feel of hectic fast paced fun. Having just a survival mode is disappointing, and leaves quite a bit to be desired. There isn’t a plateau to have a new extreme mode to begin back in the heavy action. So each time you restart you have to wade through the monotony to get to the fun with tons of varied aliens. There are no achievements which really could have helped with replayability, or just some type of change of pace. The area you play in is a limited space as you see in minigore, and doesn't progress anywhere with always the same layout.

The Verdict

Daisy Mae is a short lived dual stick shooter that doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, or really do anything special. It’s just an average title with the only distinction the sexy Daisy Mae that was briefly removed from the App Store. There is only survival mode with not much reason to replay the game. Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet is worth considering depending on how many other dual stick shooters you already have. There are simply better options available.

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